Jun 24, 2017

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The Next 10 Tech Breakout Firms

There are some powerhouses in the tech world. According to a recent report, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix have grown by $18 billion in year-over-year revenue in 2017.

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While these companies have made their respective stockholders remarkably happy (and, in some instances, unbelievably wealthy), other companies are busy working toward joining their ranks. After all, tech changes. A number of businesses are taking advantage of easier crowdsourcing, or their position as a service provider for things like AI development or SaaS, to move upward.

So which company will be the next to join this group of elites?

1. Airbnb 

The effect of the sharing economy approach to hospitality is clear, and it is one of the most disruptive (for better and also for worse) that we’ve seen so far. If Airbnb manages to negotiate the new regulatory frame the business needs across different countries, and if it succeeds in building a moat around its brand trust, it might just take its marketplace to the top of the market. – Saul Diez-Guerra, Thinkful

2. Lyft 

Lyft will be the marketplace of the future if it continues to use its mobile-first approach to moving people and assets around while building a gig economy. Lyft has grown into a global company with a great brand name both externally and internally. It is positioned to transform transportation and could disrupt everything from gas to insurance with various acquisitions and its strong mobile workforce. – Tammy CohenInfoMart

3. Nvidia 

This is a company that invested in creating the graphical processing unit market, and now GPU is becoming the popular computer mode for AI and machine learning applications. It is doing a great job of creating an entire ecosystem of applications, startups and communities around GPU for AI. – Raj Raman, Botmetric

4. Pivotal 

The next company to join this elite group will come out of an infrastructure provider. PaaS/IaaS have the best chance to change how we do business and build applications that support business. Pivotal is going to be one of the biggest game changers in this space, and if the company is able to continue to innovate, it could become the next elite enterprise based on revenue and growth. – Tyler ShieldsSignal Sciences

5. Salesforce 

I’m surprised Salesforce isn’t already on the list. In addition to being the original cloud software company, it built an open platform that encouraged the founding of many companies. It is a giant in the tech industry with a huge installed base, many integration partners and investments in hundreds of companies. Its growth seems unlikely to slow down any time soon. – Leah AllenRadius

6. Snapchat 

I think Snapchat snuck up on everybody, but it’s got Facebook, Instagram and every other big tech organization doing everything possible to keep up. People might get over the allure of Snapchat, but it’s unlikely. We’ll just have to see if Snapchat can maintain its lead or if it gets trampled by the big dogs. – Arnie Gordon, Arlyn Scales

7. Tesla 

Tesla, which is more of a technology company than a mobility or automotive entity, has the potential to break into this league for multiple reasons: It has people with ideas, it has the right alignment on a theme that is close to the world (smart energy), its consumer appeal is getting better and its investments are in the right place. Seems like the right recipe to join this league. – Madhavan SatagopanAltimetrik Corp

8. Uber 

As long as it manages to overcome the legal barriers and to solve its cultural discrepancies, Uber has the potential to dominate paid transportation in every country in the world. The brand is globally known, its services are mainstream and the app works super smoothly. I feel like Uber is always just about to explode; it just has to make adjustments to its corporate approach. – Nick ChandiSlickPie Accounting Software

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