Sep 30, 2017

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Alexa & Echo are Revolutionizing the American Home

How Amazon Echo on the Alexa Engine Could Change Our Lives

What does Amazon Echo and the Alexa Engine mean to the everyday user?

From music to sports, the Amazon Echo is designed to function as a “personal assistant” for daily life. Powered by the Alexa Voice Engine, the Amazon Echo is able to successfully parse voice commands, responding to queries and completing basic tasks such as scheduling. But the true capabilities of the Amazon Echo go beyond checking the weather. The Amazon Echo is constantly growing, learning, and adapting — and it’s poised to revolutionize the way that we live our lives.

Easy Access Voice Commands throughout Your Home

The goal of Alexa is to provide a personal assistant that is “always on” and always accessible. Alexa can hear throughout your entire home and is able to pump out crystal clear 360 degree audio. Rather than having to pull out a phone or go to a computer, users can simply state a query or command out loud. These voice prompts can range from “Alexa, what is my schedule today?” to “Alexa, dim the lights.”

And that’s where Alexa really shines. Not only does Alexa tap into the Internet to provide answers, but Alexa can also take actions. Alexa can call an Uber, get pizza delivered, order Amazon products, and even control your home. Amazon is continuously adding new skills to Alexa’s engine, so that it can identify more queries and complete more tasks.

The Power of the Alexa Engine

There have been a number of voice-activated products before the Amazon Echo, but they all suffered from two major failings: they needed to be activated and they couldn’t always understand what you said. Activating a device before speaking into it was often so cumbersome that individuals would choose to simply type in their queries. Voice-activated commands often had to be so highly specific that it was like a guessing game to the customer.

The Amazon Echo resolves both of these problems. As a dedicated device, Amazon Echo is always on and always listening — though don’t worry, your privacy is still protected. Nothing is recorded. But the device is able to respond to any command that begins with “Alexa” (or another preset prompt). This means that it’s truly hands-free.

But the most important aspect of the Alexa Engine is its ability to parse complex phrases. Alexa can understand “Alexa, order me some more paper towels” or “Alexa, remove soccer from my schedule.” A substantial investment has been made into Alexa’s processing, so that entering in voice commands is no longer a fight.

The Future for the Amazon Echo and Alexa

As Amazon’s technology becomes more advanced, it is also becoming more well-integrated into third-party systems. Not only is Alexa designed to be a personal assistant, but it can also operate as a hub for a smart home. This is a revolutionary new concept because until now smart home technology has been held back by the fact that there are very few comprehensive systems of control. Smart home technology has been modular; lights controlled by one app, security controlled by another, and heating and cooling controlled by yet another. Though some companies have sought to consolidate these systems, there hasn’t been a real contender for the throne — until now.

Amazon Echo is something amazing: it changes the way we live our day-to-day lives. As a personal assistant and smart home hub, Amazon Echo makes it easy to connect to resources, complete daily tasks, and even improve personal comfort. Even better, Amazon Echo and the Alexa Engine are constantly improving.

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